Swirls & Splashes is my homage to all things magical, enchanting and ethereal.

Growing up in a small quaint town in Sabah, located on the northern part of Borneo Island, my childhood memories includes a deep fascination with insects. I would spent hours watching them carrying out their daily routines. On one memorable afternoon, I spotted a swarm of dragonflies passing by, their iridiscent wings really caught my eyes, as they look a lot like fairies.

And thus begins my love for fairies. I would flip through my family's old dusty books in search of fairy pictures and stories. Those days, fairy trinkets were rare and most of them were really expensive. So I have to rely on my imaginations in order to create one, which is a motivation to be crafty.

Mermaid is another mythical creature that I'm in love with ever since I'd watch the movie Splash. I was still a little kid when I first saw it and I remember pestering my mom to take me to the beach so I could look for mermaids lol, luckily there's plenty of sandy white beaches where I'm living. I would pick up seashells and collect them in a jar as a memorabilia. As I learnt to make handmade jewelries, I started adding them to my design as a homage to mermaids .  .。.:・°☆

Ethereal design with a vintage vibe which leans heavily towards fairy-tale like, Gothic & romanticism style is the overall style for my handmade collection.

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