3 Spring Floral Keychain

3 Spring Floral Keychain  ☆.。.:・°☆

Price : RM20
(Excluding Postage)

A trio of vintage inspired keychain for you & your best friends!

Each order includes 3 Spring Floral Keychain in 3 different colours :

❤ Spring Floral Keychain In Purple Rose with Amethyst shards, a calming stone which promote calm, balance, and peace.

❤ Spring Floral Keychain In Blue Rose with Amazonite shards, a stone of open mindedness, that enhance intuition.

❤ Spring Floral Keychain In Pink Rose with Rose Quartz shards, known as the stone of unconditional love, giving one a sense of inner peace and love for one's self.

Each keychain is adorn with Maple leaf charm, a symbol of peace, connection & unity.
Lastly colourful bellflowers charms are added for a whimsical look.

Overall the keychain measures 8.2cm in length.


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