Dragonfly Wing Pendant

"When you see a dragonfly think of me."

Dragonfly Wing Pendant ☆.。.:・°☆

Price : RM30
(Excluding Shipping)

Inspired by nature.
 This pendant is made with real dragonfly wings that are collected after they have expired naturally in the wild. I often found them scattered near the woods after a rainy storm. 

 Dragonflies naturally have a short life span, this pendant that are embedded with real dragonfly wing and jewelry resin are meant to preserve their beauty forever.

The oval shaped gunmetal pendant measures 40mm x24mm in diameter and hung in a gunmetal chain which measures 20 inches in length. 

Every order will be gift wrapped, ready for gifting.

For a shorter or longer chain, do contact me & I'll customize it to your preferred length.


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